Winter Clothes

  • Cobalt blue jumper or cardigan, with school logo*
  • White short sleeve polo shirt / shirt
  • Grey skirt/pinafore or tailored trousers.
  • Grey tights or socks
  • Smart black shoes with no raised heel – No trainers.

Summer Clothes

As above, or

  • Navy Blue striped/checked school summer dress with white socks
  • Grey shorts

Year 6 Pupils Only
A shirt and school tie replaces the polo-shirt for both boys and girls.
V-neck sweatshirts* are available to compliment this alteration to the uniform.

P.E. Kit

  • Black shorts
  • Plain White t-shirt
  • Black/White inexpensive trainers
  • A drawstring bag

Note:  We advise that children have a pair of wellies and tracksuit bottoms available at home, ready to bring in during the winter months, or when we complete outdoor activities.  You would be advised when these are needed in advance.

Please put your child’s name on all uniform to avoid loss.

Only watches and plain stud earrings are allowed for health and safety reasons.  As all jewellery must be removed before a child is allowed to take part in any lesson involving physical activity, we recommend that jewellery is not worn on P.E. days to avoid loss or damage.

If you do wish your child to have their ears pierced, please do so at the start of the summer holidays so that your child’s education is not disrupted by the healing process.

Girls’ Shoes
Children complete a large amount of physical activity during an average school day, outside of P.E. lessons.   For practicality reasons, ballet style shoes (i.e. shoes which do not have a strap) and boots are not recommended as children can’t run as freely.

To help control the spread of nits, all hair which is longer than shoulder length should be tied back.   ‘Fashion’ hairstyles are not permitted.  Examples of which include:  Shaved lines, pictures or part shaved styles, coloured hair or artificial braiding and short shaved cuts (number 1) Hair bands are allowed provided they do not have large bows (e.g. jojo)

And finally…
Make up, including nail varnish are not permitted, nor are temporary tattoos.

School sweatshirts and cardigans with the school logo on can be purchased as follows:


You can order online via Trutex Direct where you can order uniform online. 
The School’s LEA code is
Please note that a delivery charge will may apply to orders under a certain value
In Person
Impressions Uniform shop on Leyland Lane also stock our uniform.  The prices can be found on their website here:  https://impressionsuniform.co.uk/

A downloadable copy of the Uniform List can be found here: Uniform Guidance

Labelling uniform is vitally important to avoid loss.  If you wish to purchase stick on name labels, please click here and quote school number 7101, alternatively sew on and iron on labels are available from Delta Wool Shop.

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